The Earn Deal: a unique concept with an ‘earn’ for all parties

Earn deal

The Earn Deal is a unique, tailor-made financing concept from VDP that offers you, as the owner and shareholder numerous possibilities and a range of financial opportunities, without giving up entrepreneurship completely. As an investor, you have the unique possibility of participating in the shares of a well-structured, profitable company in which all acquisition and financing modalities have been worked out.

The Earn Deal for an entrepreneur

Would you like to secure part of your wealth? Entrepreneurs often have an (excessive) imbalance in their wealth, whereby not infrequently a large part of that wealth is invested in the (family) business. The Earn Deal responds to a number of concerns and threats, and above all offers a large number of opportunities.


  • You secure (part of) your wealth
  • You reinvest in your own company as a shareholder
  • You enjoy financial peace of mind, allowing you to focus even more on your business
  • You retain (part of) your company’s upward potential

Strategic position

  • Management may be involved in the share capital
  • Your network, strategic and competitive position may be substantially reinforced
  • Your board includes active, professional and committed co-shareholders

What we take care of

  • VDP develops a strong strategic plan for the future
  • VDP, together with its professional partners, takes care of the integral preparation, set-up, realisation and strict follow-up of the deal
  • VDP implements, if desired, a proper structure and works out an integral corporate governance plan

The Earn Deal as an investor

You are looking to diversify your investment portfolio. Investing in an Earn Deal of VDP offers you a number of attractive opportunities and is a valuable alternative to traditional investment possibilities.

Risk diversification

  • With the Earn Deal, you invest only in companies with a proven track record and quality management
  • Diversified investments through limited investment amounts per ticket
  • You can bring knowledge and expertise to the table
  • Clear and transparant agreements and exit strategy


  • Periodic reporting to investors and intensive management coaching
  • Direct communication
  • No surprises about the costs of the Earn Deal set-up

Total solution

  • VDP takes care of the complete set-up of the deal: acquisition financing, supervision of the (Vendor) Due Diligence, setting up the acquisition structure, drafting and elaborating contracts and implementation of a corporate governance policy

The Earn Deal in practice

Jan and his partner Mia are the owners of a manufacturing firm in Antwerp. The company is debt-free and realizes an average EBITDA of € 1,250,000 with a turnover growth of 10% per year.

Jan is 48 years old and would like to take on a more strategic role in the company. Mia craves more quality time and would have loved to buy that sea-side apartment.

Thanks to his many years of experience and extensive network, Jan can provide great added value on a strategic level. The company is doing so well that a full exit, partly due to Jan’s age, is not an option. On the other hand, the couple would like to benefit from years of hard work.

The Earn Deal provides the ideal solution

  • After a thorough valuation, the company will be sold for the price of €7.500.000 (Equity Value). VDP takes care of the deal structure and brings all parties together. The principal banker demonstrates a great deal of confidence in the Earn Deal and wishes to finance part of the acquisition price (€2.500.000). A group of eight investors each take an interest of €500.00 in the company. Jan and Mia also buy two tickets, thus holding a 20% stake in the new structure. Jan will fulfil his operational role for at least the next two years and will perform an executive function afterwards.
  • VDP unburdens and develops a strategic, financial and corporate governance plan.
  • After the transaction, Jan and Mia hold €6.500.000 into their bank account. Moreover, they still own 20% of the company.
  • Subsequently, Jan and Mia invest in several other Earn Deals of VDP, thereby intelligently spreading their wealth across different sectors. At the same time, Jan is part of the Board of Directors and he shares his experience and network with great enthusiasm.

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