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Entrepreneurship is about grasping new opportunities, making investments, (re)organising or moving mountains. Sometimes this means that an entrepreneur is looking for strategic acquisitions. And sometimes it is better to sell (part of) your company in order to capitalise on the legacy you have built.

Such challenges are important milestones which makes it necessary to be able to count on an expert like VDP. We have been doing this since 1995 as our capabilities come with a passion for the work, no matter what challenge it is. We have built up broad sector experience, together with a large local and international network, through which we can help entrepreneurs from all sectors. Knowing the right people, that is what it is all about

We guide you through the entire process. This way, you will be able to continue to focus on your job helping you to take full advantage of every opportunity.

Overnamepartners offers M&A advice for local, lower market enterprises across a breadth of sectors up to €3 million in equity value. Overnamepartners is an integral part of VDP and was founded in 2018 to meet the specific needs of this segment of Belgian enterprises.

We help you to make the best decisions at the most important time

VDP is one of the top 3 independent M&A experts in Belgium as we have completed more than 400 successful M&A transactions. You can count on a complementary deal team and a hands-on approach, tailored to your needs.

More than transactions

specific cases like growth financing, debt financing and strategic share ownership.

VDP is able to offer its special expertise in Management Buy-Out (MBO), Management Buy-In (MBI), joint ventures, strategic alliances and more. People come to us for advice at all stages of their business. We also assist shareholders during the sale of the company within the family. In terms of methodology, this process is comparable to a sale to a third party, but the emotionality involved is possibly even more intense. Then, above all, you need an experienced party, a party that strikes the right balance, and a perfect sounding board for such specific issues.


Our years of experience, in combination with a local and international network, will ensure you that we’re able to realise the best possible deal. As an independent expert, we only defend your interests.



VDP helps you to find the perfect fit as acquiring the right company is a great way to grow fast. We will help you throughout this journey on the basis of a specific company profile or a concrete target.


Earn Deal

The Earn Deal is a unique financing concept of VDP which offers numerous possibilities in the event of a sale, without you having to completely hand-over the legacy that you’ve built.



We are your partner in other M&A related matters as well. From strategic and financial advice to legal support and debt advisory: we will be by your side every step of the way.


Our expertise in a nutshell:

  • Hands-on advisor in mergers & acquisitions with over 25 years of experience
  • Broad local and international network of private investors and private equity
  • Entrepreneurial and creative ‘out of the box’ approach
  • More than 400 realised transactions across a breadth of sectors
  • A team of complementary experts with more than 25 years of experience guiding you through the entire process
  • 100% independent advice and personal commitment
  • A strong international network (AICA)

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