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Companies in an M&A process are often confronted with specific challenges. Financing needs and the development of an ideal capital structure are examples of this. VDP helps you to tackle legal and strategic challenges that arise in different contexts such as reorganisation of shareholder structure or different strategic visions within the management team. As an independent and experienced M&A advisor, VDP guides you every step of the way.

VDP will look after your interests as a shareholder. Thanks to our independence we have the freedom to create solutions that work for you.

VDP takes care of:

  • Preparation of legal documentation during the M&A process:
    • confidentiality and exclusivity contracts
    • non-disclosure agreements
    • letter of intent
    • share purchase agreement
    • shareholders’ agreements
    • management contracts
  • Other legal advice:
    • support and drafting of various commercial agreements

VDP provides expert financial and strategic solutions for your business goals. This involves making or clarifying shareholder agreements, organising family succession and drafting extensive financial models. We work closely with all stakeholders to understand the business and its objectives.

VDP takes care of:

  • optimizing financing mix, including the preparation of financing and credit files
  • financial projections, budgets, cash planning, mapping and optimization of the working capital requirement, …
  • company valuations including business units or real estate companies
  • developing and supervising family succession arrangements
  • developing and following up of employee and management benefit plans
  • real estate: valuation, return calculation, investment and transaction advice for various real estate related sales and purchase transactions
  • investor relations

Financing is crucial at every stage of your company’s life: for the growth of your company, in the event of an acquisition or expansion, but also if you need a debt restructuring or a recovery plan. But there is more: through the right mix, a financially well-structured company can also strengthen its competitive advantage.

VDP has an excellent understanding of complex debt financing instruments and translates them in a comprehensible manner. With our in-depth knowledge and our extensive lender network, VDP is your corporate finance advisor for all financing issues. In striving for an optimal balance sheet structure we work closely with our contacts at banks, financial institutions and other capital providers.

And to every situation, we bring a personal touch that makes us easy to work with.

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