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Koelinstallaties Van Driessche acquired by Arco

M&A-advisor sell-side


3rd of MAY 2020


Arco, a specialist in industrial refrigeration, was interested in buying this business because of its strategic growth opportunities.

VDP assisted the shareholders of Van Driessche.

Cooling installations Van Driessche

Cooling installations Van Driessche is a local installer (region Ghent) of cooling installations with mainly food companies as customer. For 67 years Van Driessche NV has been active in industrial cooling installations for food: meat and fish, cheese and dairy, vegetables and fruit, bread and pastry. The customers are located in West and East Flanders and Brussels. They are known for their quality and fast after sales service.


Arco specializes in industrial refrigeration and especially in the food and storage sectors. A number of supermarkets are also clients. The company is active throughout Flanders and Brussels. After the acquisition, about 120 people work for the company.

For more information, see: www.arconv.com

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