Interior designer Coelembier acquires sector colleague De Tender

Interior designer Coelembier acquires sector colleague De Tender




Interior designer Coelembier joins forces with sector colleague De Tender. After the transaction, Coelembier’s turnover will climb to €20 million and synergies will be created in several areas.

Joeri De Tender, the son of the current owners, reinvests in the holding company above Coelembier and De Tender and acquires a substantial stake.

VDP acted as advisor to Joeri De Tender.


De Tender:

De Tender has more than 25 years of experience in interior design and renovation projects and was until now in the hands of the family. Currently, the company employs 22 people.

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Since 1959, Coelembier has focused on the interior design of both commercial and residential construction projects. In addition to producing and installing custom furniture, Coelembier coordinates the entire construction process from demolition (renovation) to the final finish.

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