Bova Enviro+ integrates environmental specialist Esher

Bova Enviro+ integrates environmental specialist Esher

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Bova Enviro+ anchors its market position with the integration of Esher environmental consultancy. Bova Enviro+ will grow into a study and consultancy bureau of 75 passionate experts in the field of soil, environment and space. With this milestone, Bova Enviro+ puts its ambitions on the map, whereby respect for people and the environment, as well as commitment and quality awareness towards all stakeholders, are important core values ​​within the company culture.

VDP acted as advisor to the buyer.

Bova Enviro+:

Bova Enviro + is an independent consultancy and study bureau with more than 20 years of experience, active in Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia and the Netherlands. With a team of about 45 passionate experts, they offer a complete and integrated package of services in the field of environment & nature, safety, soil, spatial planning and energy.

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Esher, founded in 1990, is a specialised study and consultancy firm for environment and soil research.

Esher specialises in soil investigation and remediation, construction and demolition studies and environmental advice (legislation, permits, etc.). A team of 20 experienced environmental specialists in Ghent and Brussels provide clients with accurate advice on various environmental issues.

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