Quatra strengthens international expansion through multiple company acquisitions

Quatra multiple acquisitions

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31st of AUGUST 2020


Quatra buys the French company Leo Developpement and acquires a stake in Q-Developments. With this acquisition, Quatra strengthens its market position in France. The company from Lokeren is not in the forefront of acquisitions. During the past years, Quatra has grown into the largest player in Europe, partly due to some 30 takeovers.

VDP, who specialized in the acquisition of companies for more than 25 years, assisted Quatra in both transactions.


Quatra is a rapidly growing Flemish family business active in the recycling of ‘used cooking oils’ (frying fats, oils, etc.). Quatra collects used oils and fats from catering establishments and food companies, after which they are processed. The recycled oils and fats are then used for the production of second generation biodiesel, reducing CO2 emissions by 90%.

For more information see: www.quatra.com

Leo Developpement en Q-Developments

Leo Developpement is one of the market leaders in the collection and processing of ‘used cooking oils’ on the southern French market.

Driven by further innovation, Quatra has acquired a stake in Q-Developments, a company specializing in storage and transport systems for oils. This participation will enable Quatra to further optimize their collection and processing process.

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