Eurasiacorp acquires recycling specialist Matco Plastics

Eurasiacorp acquires recycling specialist Matco Plastics

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Ghent based polymer distributor Eurasiacorp acquires recycling specialist Matco Plastics. By joining forces, Matco can expand its presence on the European market. After the merger, the company will report a consolidated turnover of around 150 million euros.

VDP acted as advisor to the seller.

Matco plastics:

Matco Plastics has been a reference in the world of plastics recycling, since 1993. Matco is active in the distribution of recycled plastics but became active in the production of plastic granules in 2020 by acquiring Reborn Plastics. It uses a patented process where laminated fabrics can be mechanically separated.

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Eurasiacorp, owned by Manu Hanet and Cedric Conchilla, was founded in 2011 and specialises in the distribution of plastic granules for a variety of applications such as making beer crates, shampoo bottles, packaging for building materials and flexible films. Eurasiacorp is mainly active in Europe. The product range includes primary resins, recycled resins and off-grades.

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