Gescova links up with Vela Co-Pilot

Gescova links up with Vela Co-Pilot




Gescova and Vela Co-Pilot enter into a partnership for the further expansion of Gescova as a European outdoor furniture specialist active in 10 countries. Bernard Gesquière and his sons Frederik, Thomas and Sammy remain responsible for the day-to-day management of the group, driven by a strong sense of entrepreneurship. Through this operation, the Gesquière family is poised to continue its strong growth as a leading outdoor furniture expert and manufacturer.

VDP acted as legal advisor to Gescova.


Gescova is a family business founded in 1977 and specialised in high-quality outdoor furniture. Gescova’s mission is to contribute to the creation of functional, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable outdoor living spaces. The company strives to improve people’s living environment through innovative designs and sustainable materials.

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Vela Co-Pilot:

VELA Co-Pilot Invest is an ambitious investment company with a strong entrepreneurial mindset that, based on its own experience, acts as an investor in and co-pilot for companies and its owners.

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