Investor D2E supports BlueCrux’ growth

Down2Earth Capital invests in Bluecrux

M&A-advisor sell-side



Antwerp-based investor Down 2 Earth Capital invests millions into growth company BlueCrux.

VDP assisted BlueCrux’s shareholders in attracting a strategic financial investor.


Originating from the merger of Bluegrass Consulting and The Crux in 2015, BlueCrux is achieving substantial growth year after year. BlueCrux is a consulting company specialized in supply chain and operations. They focus on different niches such as life sciences, manufacturing and chemicals. In addition, they offer complementary cloud-based software solutions under the brand names LightsOutPlaning and Binocs.

Among their customers are Pfizer, Heineken, Johnson&Johnson, Danone and UCB. BlueCrux has more than 80 experts and has offices in Aalst, Mechelen and New Jersey (US). “With the expansion of our business to the US market, we want to grow internationally to 120 employees by 2021,” says the duo Koen Jaspers and Geert Vanhove.

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Down 2 Earth Capital

Down 2 Earth Capital is an independent private equity fund, founded in 2013, focusing on small and medium-sized transactions in Belgium. D2E Capital combines years of successful private equity experience with top-level industry expertise.

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