New shareholder at De Lift

New shareholder at De Lift

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De Lift bv, the largest independent elevator company in Belgium, has a new shareholder. The Spanish elevator company Fain Ascensores s.a. takes over the shares of financial investors. The operational shareholders Arne Vandenberghe and Tom Meesschaert will remain on board. De Lift bv will retain the existing operation, organization and structure.

VDP acted as co-advisor to Fain.

De Lift:

De Lift is the largest independent elevator company in Belgium. De Lift maintains 8000 elevators and the customer base is growing every day. The team now consists of 100 elevator specialists. De Lift services large and small elevators of all brands.

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Fain is the Spanish elevator company of the Mediavilla family. Fain was founded in 1972 and has more than 1000 employees. The company maintains more than 50,000 elevators in Europe. De Lift can now rely on Fain’s knowledge and logistics network. In this way, De Lift continues to guarantee an independent top service for all elevator brands.

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