SMART Toys and Games acquires The Happy Puzzle Company

SMART Toys and Games acquires The Happy Puzzle Company

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The leading Belgian puzzles and games company SMART Toys and Games has acquired The Happy Puzzle Company in the UK. SMART will bring The Happy Puzzle Company’s products into SMART’s growing portfolio and will spread distribution through SMART’s extensive worldwide network. The CEO of The Happy Puzzle Company, Gavin Ucko, will keep his role in the UK together with the entire Happy Puzzle’s team, operating from its existing Elstree base.


Smart Toys and Games:

SMART Toys and Games is known for award-winning brands including SmartGames, Happy Cube and SmartMax. SMART’s focus on cognitive skill-building products have seen huge global success in the toy market. SMART has earned a reputation as a world-leader in single-player puzzle games, such as the IQ Games range, Penguins on Ice, Squirrels Go Nuts and Quadrillion. They welcome Happy Puzzle’s head-to-head challenges, such as The Genius Square and Pandemonium and single player puzzles like 30 Cubed and Illusion Cubes.

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The Happy Puzzle Company:

The Happy Puzzle Company is a Hertfordshire based company known for their successful B2C operations in the UK and has reached in nearly three decades a customer base of over 400.000 and a presence in 14.000 UK schools. In recent years it has experienced major growth in the B2B market, with distribution in over 20 countries.

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